5 Categories


40 Amazing Prizes


*Pix4D prizes per category

  • Agriculture: 1 year of PIX4Dfields & 1 year of PIX4Dcloud
  • Mining/Quarries/Aggregates: 1 year of PIX4Dmatic & 1 year of PIX4Dsurvey
  • Surveying & Construction: 1 year of PIX4Dmatic & 1 year of PIX4Dsurvey
  • Environmental Monitoring: 1 year of PIX4Dmatic & 1 year of PIX4Dfields
  • Disaster Management: 1 year of PIX4Dreact & 1 year of PIX4Dcloud

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How to Enter

Step 1 - Collect and Process Your Data
Capture data with a senseFly drone and process it with Pix4D. 

Step 2 - Extract Your Data
Extract images and project files, then compress them into a zip file. All datasets processed in Pix4D are accepted. Need help exporting your data?

Step 3 - Get a Sharable Link
Upload your file to SwissTransfer to get a sharable link, which you'll paste into the entry form.

Step 4 - Fill In The Form & Submit
Using the entry form to the right, paste the link to your dataset & answer the three questions telling us the story behind your 2D/3D model and how it's connected to your project. When you've completed the form, click the Send button.


1. Capture Data with a senseFly drone. All models apply.
2. Process data with a Pix4D software. All products & software versions apply.
3. Submit your entry by the deadline: Friday, September 10, 2021.
4. One entry per person.

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Meet our judges


OIivia Soares De Camargo

Technical Support Engineer, senseFly


Michael Blake

Product Manager, senseFly


Fernanda Bosmediano

Technical Support Engineer, PIX4D


Gabriele Ruggiero

Senior Business Development Executive, PIX4D

How to export your data?

If you have any trouble contact us and we will help you

Export with PIX4Dcloud

Open Guide

Export with PIX4Dfields

Open Guide

Export with PIX4Dreact

Open Guide

Export with PIX4Dmatic

Outputs | Densify Export | DSM ExportOrthomosaic Export

Export with PIX4Dmapper

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